A Wealth of Resources in Home Depot’s Garden Club!

A Wealth of Resources in Home Depot’s Garden Club!

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Gardeners across the country can benefit from Home Depot's Garden Club!

The Home Depot Garden Club is an online community offering tips and tricks to help you grow a beautiful flower, plant or vegetable garden. You’ll find a plant directory, how-to videos, garden supplies, expert tips and much more. You’ll also receive over $300 in regular email savings.

One of the best features of the Garden Club is the “Gardenieres”. Home Depot has gathered a group of celebrated gardeners to guide you in your green thumb pursuits!

“Gardeniere” Jim Cunneen is an award-winning landscape architect with a thriving business in St. Petersburg, Florida. Degreed in landscape design and raised in the Southeast, he knows everything there is to know about creating the perfect outside living spaces. And, because he’s “done it all” when it comes to landscaping, he can help with any possible outside project. He truly believes that we all have the ability to take on bigger projects, and he’s willing to show us how. As a result, Jim has an answer for anyone with growing questions in the Southeast, and he’s the perfect teacher for anyone, anywhere, who wants to start a landscaping project, no matter how big or small.

Another “Gardeniere”, Mary Katherine Greene, is also a great gardening mentor! Mary Katherine aspires to make her home as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. As a Southern gardener Mary Katherine has developed diverse set of talents, using a wide, and beautiful range of flowers and plants to create stunning garden and yardscapes. Plus, she’s made an award-winning name for herself in cut flower arranging. Mary Katherine is a current Home Depot Garden Club member and is excited to share her knowledge with us all.

The club also features great gardening DIY projects for you! Click HERE to see a project that walks you through preserving fresh herbs for the winter!

The site also contains “tips by region”, because every gardner knows that climate and geography dictates your gardening practices!

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Whether it is expert advice, DIY project inspiration, regional tips, urban gardening, or Martha Stewart features, Home Depot Gardening Club is sure to be a great community for you!